Certificate in Leading Online Collaboration, program start

Period: October 31 to December 12, 2017
Time: Each Tuesday, 12:00 – 14:00 (London time)

Price 2.000 USD incl. VAT

  • Leading teams of very diverse peers
  • Executing and securing accountability across distances
  • Learning new collaborative software
  • Creating a feedback culture in your team
  • Blogging and using social media to lead
  • Exercising appropriate formal authority

Why you should attend

Being a Leader in The Fourth Industrial Revolution, will require new skills:

  • The World and how we work has changed
  • Software is digitalising all industries and opening them to disruptive technologies
  • Innovation occurs increasingly in peer groups and communities characterized by deep expertise within high diversity
  • Leadership must be Global, Digital and Peer-oriented
  • Scandinavia has a long tradition of peer-based leadership

This is the time for Global Scandinavian Leadership.

Who should attend

This program is for managers who are:

  • Torn between daily operations and strategy execution
  • Working globally or leading virtual teams
  • Part of a international management team
  • In an environment little or no time to learn new digital leadership skills


In the Program you Learn through Practice. This means:

  • The Program is 100% Online and Social.
  • We are dealing with hands-on digital leadership methods.
  • You begin and end with a Personal Coaching Session.
  • Case material is your own Work, Projects and Strategy.
  • You will join a dedicated Learning Team engaged in constant Collaboration and Feedback.
  • We use an Active Learning Approach and Platform in a ‘Flipped Classroom’ style. This means reading and watching lectures takes little room and is done in your own time. Meetings are reserved for practicing and discussing leadership together.
  • You will be writing, blogging, recording and discussing content with 3 weekly deadlines.
  • Each weekly live meeting is joined by a Scandinavian or World class Expert for an informal Dialogue.
  • Samples of your work Performance is reviewed by these Experts.
  • The Program Examination is by Peer Assessment


Please observe the following practical aspects of the Program:

  • Duration is 8 weeks
  • There are 8 online sessions of 1½ hour each (with 1 extra hour at the first and last session)
  • Between sessions there is online discussion and work of 2 hours/week
  • You will get 2 hours of coaching (1 hour before and after the program)
  • This totals 16 hours face-time with the instructor and team and 16 hours’ online work
  • Price 2.000 USD incl. VAT